Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Elisabeth Gross-Marks

When I was 11 years old , I decided to become an artist. I have been painting ever since.
During the last 10 years I did abstract paintings in oil and acrylics. A year ago I started to do collages. I discovered all kinds of wonderful papers. I cut them, tore them, painted on them and used them for the pictures. Then I went to a fabric store and found all these interesting materials in different textures and colors. I am excited about the movements of the folds and the light on the fabrics.

Whatever I am working on., the bright colors are what attracts me. I have an inner picture like a kaleidoscope of bright colors that I am chasing after, seeking order for the abundance of possibilities or allowing myself to create exuberance and excitement.
It is a never-ending process.
Some of here recent additions to the world.

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