Tuesday, December 19, 2006


It is upon a canvas where both an internal creative will, and dreamscapes of how reality could be visualized cause the artist of the 19th century to go beyond the boundaries of trying to paint what they saw. Instead, especially after the painting of the Rouen Cathedral, when innovations and creativity became clearly established components of the art world, they sought to find new, and then even newer limits to cross. And indeed, they crossed several. But, nonetheless, and at the sametime they expanded the frontiers of democracy, as their art led the way to new social, cultural, spiritual, and political visions. They are still pushing the very frontiers of human art perceptions. This fostered the immediate need for social reforms. Especially, when those who took up the brush found themselves wanting for bare necessities-often causing many to loose their middle class stations in life as a result of their art adventures. Thye became pooer for their pssion to express ----why? And it is here, and here alone, when the Les Avant Garde becomes the democractic precticum. Thus an important connection between art and public policy developement was their embraced passions during the stuggle of the early and mid twentieth century.

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